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The Nucleus - Closer

The Nucleus


JCM Music

Released: 17th February 2014 | 1 track pop single

Closer – new digital single album by The Nucleus

After nearly two years since their debut album [The Heaven], The Nucleus is due to re-emerge with their new single [With You] on this January the 15th. This long-awaited albums feature five songs in total, four of which were individually sung by lead vocals of this band, and one as a group. Second song [To Flow] release on the 22nd, third song [Closer] release on the 29th.

Closer – A woman falls in love with a man. She is curious and tries to draw close to him however he is not as ready. This song was composed and written by Sun-Mi Bae based on her own observations of those around her in such situations. The song depicts the gradual process of a man's love journey, from slow opening of his heart, to the gradual acceptance of girl's interest, falling for her, and finally falling in love with her. The highlight of this song is the rendering of an electric guitar around the half way mark that represents the passage of time. Following the bridge the vocal by a male solo epitomizes the elation and intensity of a fulfilling relationship. Sorrowful yet gentle voice of the lead vocal Jae-Man Choi creates a beautiful harmony with the song.