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The Nucleus - Waiting

The Nucleus


Feel Music

Released: 3rd March 2014 | 1 track pop single

After nearly two years since their debut album [The Heaven], The Nucleus is due to re-emerge with their new single [With You] on this January the 15th. This long-awaited albums feature five songs in total, four of which were individually sung by lead vocals of this band, and one as a group. Second song [To Flow] release on the 22nd, third song [Closer] release on the 29th, fourth song [Baby Love] release on February the 5th, last song [Waiting] release on the 12th.

Many of the most important facets of life come after waiting. Just like flowers that bloom and wilt in their own time, so do many of human emotions such as love, happiness, break-up, despair and anxiety. Through self-maturation, growth and anticipation, we learn to become better abled at appreciating joys of life when they finally come our way. Kyung-Won Lee who composed and wrote this piece learnt most valuable lessons in her life through waiting. Singer's enlightened understanding for life is well reflected in her interpretation of this song, which we hope our audiences could also feel and relate to whilst appreciating the song. Vocal harmony created by four vocalists together with soulful tone of Kyung-Won Lee's voice will lend its audiences truly mystical and beautiful experience. As the singer ponders her place in the world, orchestra, choir and rock materialize around her, rising towards a purely modest experience.