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SM Project

For Love

SM Project

Released: 24th March 2014 | 1 track electropop single

The new single For Love was produced by 4 musicians(Cruela, Matthew, N.Tik.P and Sarah-Fly) who all have different music styles. So they tried to put them all together into this song. Therefore, listeners will enjoy a mixture of electronica, acoustic, folk, and rap.

Cruela is a song-writer, who specializes in MIDI performing, so she took part in arranging in the single. She is also working on an online game's musical score now and soon she will make her debut as a professional songwriter.

Matthew is a singer-songwriter. He mainly wrote the song and performed as the male vocalist. He has already released two albums: MATTHEW, and Act On.

N.Tik.P is a rapper, sound-designer, mix-engineer, and song-writer who created the mixing part of the song. He has been co-working with a mobile game company and has participated in several songs as a rapper.

Sarah-Fly is a singer-songwriter and music teacher. She mainly wrote the lyrics and performed as the female vocalist. She has been performing as an indie-musician for a long time and is promoting her latest album A Monthly Project of Sarah-Fly.

The group name SM Project stands for Sang-Myung which is the name of the university they all attend. The project could be a one-time event but these 4 musicians will continue working on their own music.