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All Day


Released: 7th April 2014 | 2 track nu-disco single

A retro sound by DJ sYro!! ALL DAY which is sexy and yet warm and also emotionally charged with the voice of kanghae, a vocalist of Cloud Jam! A record single in which Nu-disco genre is expressed by sYro's style.

sYro who was working as a researcher for developing hydrophilic agent, quit his job and started to work as a DJ/Producer. He materialized his own particular musical style in which abstraction and conception are mixed using lounge music without limitation as a main genre, based on wide range of knowledge such as 1980's Shins' pop, Deep house, and Chillout Downtempo music in addition to EDM field. Nowadays, he has been constantly performing musical interpretation of conveying a new language to a person especially through Nu-disco music.

He worked as a producer for Decaffein Project and now he is working as a DJ in Opera Divas in Korea where he uses lounge music as a main genre.

A record single, ALL DAY is a song with warm and emotional expression, which is made by sYro inspired by fluttery feeling when in love, and is based on sYro's unique style using Nu-disco genre. 80's warm analogue synth and sexy bass sound of this song would be great news for the listeners who have been tired of Big Room music.