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Lim Woojin - Couldn't Say It So

Lim Woojin

Couldn't Say It So

Keobeom Culture

Released: 28th April 2014 | 1 track folk pop single

He's been performing acoustic music on Hongdae scene since 2010. His first single was released in 2012. He sings about delicate feelings of everyday life with a calm voice. Couldn't Say It So is a song written to convey a rather conventional and universal sentiment of parting. We've all had far more breakups under more emotional states than cerebral, and thus we tend to recall/realize what it all meant by the time it's too late. Since we aren't so privilidged to have the second chance to perform a more 'proper' farewell, this song was written with that story of somebody who still to this day, lingers along with the regrets.