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Electric Planet Five

A Composition for the Piano (feat. Inseop Song)

Electric Planet Five Music

Released: 28th April 2014 | 1 track jazz instrumental pop single

Electric Planet Five's new release after 2 years! The much-talked about, sensational album of 2014. The co-existence of jazz and electric sound. The latest release from one-man project Electric Planet Five. As seen from the cover, the piano is at the forefront of this album and the album exudes a different, acoustic atmosphere from E.P.5's previous work. The piano, contrabass and electronic sound are exquisitely mixed to create a beautiful piece of music. An unforgettable and addictive melody combined with the restrained electronic sound promises to stir your emotions. Song In-seop from the Song In-seop trio joins as the contrabass to add to the high quality of sound. E.P.5's music perfectly infiltrates space and scenery. This album evokes a peaceful beach at dawn or the illusion of being immersed in a beautiful nature somewhere. 'This one song is enough' describes the highly praised track 'After Winter'. As the title suggests, it portrays a more mature sound after winter has passed.