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Velocity Entertainment

Released: 26th May 2014 | 3 track easy pop single

Chungbanjang is a Korean composer and music producer. Erased is his first single album about a woman's regret and longing for the man she lost, after realizing she had taken his love and dedication in the past for granted. Made in collaboration with many prominent musicians: Ahn, Sung Mi of '4rest' colors the music with her lyrics and vocals as vocalist, Ham, Ji Min's fills the chorus strengthening the song's overall completeness. Nationally renown vocalist and singer-songwriter ALi also made her contributions as the vocal producer. Drummer Ahn, Sung Jun of J-POWER, who recently appeared on the show 'Top Band', as well as bassist Park, Dae In of Arosaegin, guitarist Jang, Jae Won of the legendary Lee Mun Se's Band, and rookie composer-pianist Kim, Na Yeon, also contributed their talents to the making of this album.