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White Rain - Cluster Amaryllis

White Rain

Cluster Amaryllis

WR Production

Released: 16th June 2014 | 1 track meditation single

White Rain born in Seoul Korea, Producer, Trackmaker, Sound engineer, Pianist. / Before the debut De Fiano : une tenue simple is described as, to be a big topic. Cluster Amaryllis is released, following That time, first piano piece of Contemplateur, a recent piano album of White Rain's. The flower of Cluster Amaryllis was named after the meaning that when flowers bloom, leaves don't come out and when leaves come out, flowers don't exist, so, they miss each other. White Rain completed this piano piece, making use of the story, his actual situation and motives and he containes his unique sensitivity with melody in this piano piece.White Rain featuring songs by female singer, male singer, rapper in english poetry and elegant jazzy hiphop, hiphop that could be considered signs, a new horizon in what was hoped that received many compliments, even now record sales brisk inside. after participating in numerous works, knowing that staying power, melodic new age, jazz hiphop artist's representative in japan, korea, europe, expectations and attention from many listeners.