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Suhyun Park

Sound Pieces

FaSi Media

Released: 15th September 2014 | 8 track jazz instrumental pop album

After releasing his first full studio album Old Tapes in 2010, bassist Suhyun Park has returned with his second full studio album Sound Pieces.

Sound Pieces consists of 7 original compositions by Suhyun Park and a cover song, which features his expressive yet supporting bass playing. The album showcases his originality as a songwriter through his arrangement, harmony and song structure, while nurturing the jazz vocabulary and improvisation.

The first track, 'Slaves' which starts with a beautiful emotional melody followed by a modern composition style tune with odd meters Ronny FT, that shows the creativity and charm of modern jazz. Suhyun's original 'Kipling Avenue', motivated by Wayne Shorter's music, and 'Mingus Walks', inspired by Charles Mingus, articulate on how jazz can be reinterpreted to shape its own musical identity. 'Bossanova of June', and 'Lupita' features vocal Stacey Sang with its sophisticated melody, while 'Dream In' and palsm cover 'Nearer Still Nearer' is an instrumental song that allows the listener to connect with their inner side and emotions with its romantic and expressive playing.