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Thomson's Gazelle - Time Traveler

Thomson's Gazelle

Time Traveler

Supa Sounds

Released: 20th October 2014 | 4 track alternative rap/hip-hop ep

Thomson Gazelle - EP Time Traveler will be released as the weather becomes brisk for Fall. As the seasons change, listen to his mellow rap which matches with the changing weather perfectly. This is his comeback album, 11 months after his last year's single Love Breeze was released. Until now, Thomson Gazelle has worked on many different aspects of music for his career, helping him build up his own unique color and style.

He has not only mastered the ambient style of rap on this album, but in the past, he's been very successful with other styles of rap, such as the more intense hip-hop style.

This EP combines a peaceful ambient sound with the perfect sound texture to create a very enjoyable. The title for this album was inspired by the UK Garage style. The EP focuses on Thomson's adventure going back in time to find the woman that he loved. His quick rap with the well-combined beats and sound create a wonderful experience for the listener. This album has an array of themes: dreams, romance, lost love, and they combine with the well-made sounds to create a unique. This fall, Thomson Gazelle invites you to his fantastical world by listening to Time Traveler!