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Mou - Mou Ballad Project 5


Mou Ballad Project 5


Released: 1st September 2014 | 2 track vocal-pop single

MOU is a singer/songwriter and a producer from South Korea. His debut album Old-Fashioned, released in December 2012, made a deep impression with his unique sound and attractive voice. Aside from the debut album, MOU also started an another project called MOU BALLAD PROJECT. The 4th MOU BALLAD PROJECT was released in January 2014. In this project, MOU tries to work with talented but yet hidden vocalists as a producer. In the 5th project, MOU produced Toy couple with Hong Yoon Gi who worked once before in 1st Ballad Project. This track describes some guy who thinks of his 1st love in his memory of college life and they used to listen to some band's music together. The band name was 'Toy' and that is why this song title is 'Toy couple'. MOU dedicates this song to the legendary Korean band 'Toy'. If you know about Toy's song, you might find many metaphors about this band in this song. You can find some Korean 90's ballad style in this song.