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Sweet, Matthew

Coldly Soft

Released: 15th September 2014 | 2 track pop single

Acoustic soul singer-songwriter MATTHEW has released new single Sweet, MATTHEW. The new single consists of two sweet songs talking about joy of love at the starting point. The title song A Can Of Coffee is a medium tempo R&B Pop song that a man of confession gets his favorite canned coffee for the answer of love. Even Her Name Is Cute is a slow tempo R&B ballad about an adorable girl friend who has everything cute and lovely. MATTHEW took all the parts of producing, writing, arranging and singing for the single. Some of his friends participated in the single; A charming singer-songwriter Yurim An for narration in A Can Of Coffee and starring in the music video as well, Sinhang Choi for guitar arranging and playing in Even Her Name Is Cute, Michael Lee for mixing and mastering, and A photographer Osric for producing the music video.