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Eunil-Kim - 25-31



Supa Sounds

Released: 17th November 2014 | 9 track folk pop album

Eunil-Kim is a Korean singer-songwriter and He is characterized by the emotional vocal and acoustic sound. Though he debutet as a member of WishList band, he is now a soloist.

While in a café and looking at the names of various types of coffees, I think that there are lot of attractions in everything. Like the lyrics in his music, we have once met each other in a café. At that time, you gave me a chance to listen to your music which was like the mocha coffee (essopresso + steam milk + whipping cream + chocolate syrup). The song was sweet, deep and soft. But now I cannot listen to your song any more. He told me while feeling shy that he had reduced the emotion, and the strength on the shoulder. Whenever it is cloudy and I like to drink a cup of mocha coffee, I miss his music. But what can I do when now he has stopped his music career. I miss him so much as he was so kind enough to give me a cup of café latte with the heart drawn on it and console my heart.