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Eunil-Kim - Sheep, Sleep


Sheep, Sleep

Supa Sounds

Released: 17th November 2014 | 1 track folk pop single

Eunil-Kim is a Korean singer-songwriter and he is characterized by the emotional vocal and acoustic sound. Though he debutet as a member of WishList band, he is now a soloist. Album One sheep and two sheep

This is the night in which I may not sleep at all. I take a shower and drink a warm cup of milk and throw my body on the bed. My lover's words make my head complicated. What did you do that at that time? Why should we have to break up? However I try to get the answers, I cannot get the correct ones. We are now kept away from each other and continue our own busy life as usual. He put in a song all the emotions and sensibilities he got in one night when he could not sleep at all in his own way.