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Eunil-Kim - 29-31



Supa Sounds

Released: 17th November 2014 | 4 track folk pop ep

Eunil-Kim is a Korean singer-songwriter and he is characterized by the emotional vocal and acoustic sound. Though he debutet as a member of WishList band, he is now a soloist. Album One sheep and two sheep

I have the recollection which I do not want to forget; The album which is composed of 29-30 songs shows the acoustic sound representing the sensibility. In the album, the piano sound takes up the center stage. In a café located in Shinsadong in the afternoon, there is a lot of fragrance of coffee. The acoustic piano and other things remind me of the old memories of us walking together along the road to the sound of dawn and rain, which I have forgotten for a long time. The recollection pours upon me in the raining sound in the dawn. It sounds like that I would like to get back all memories we had together. The sound takes me to the faint old memories. Sea in the fall and you, the fragrance of the sea in the fall and breaking wave, and vibration transferred to my fingers. I contain all these sensibilities of that moment.