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Supa Sounds - Moster Gundo Original Soundtrack

Supa Sounds

Moster Gundo Original Soundtrack

Supa Sounds

Released: 17th November 2014 | 23 track video game soundtracks album

SupaSound gets together from the beginning to produce the OST of RPG Monter Gundo, a new strategy of 'CraveMob'. Eun Il Kim, a producer of SupaSounds and Kim Tae Gyun, a lead composer produce this OST in a way that the orchestra is not used for this though it has been often used before.

The production of this OST has the different concept of the game music that the game music exists for the promotion of the game. As this OST is different from conventional game music, there are some people who do not like it. They try to walk on a tight rope between the game music and pop music. We can feel their trials and errors and their deep thought in their music. Their trial has the meaning in itself as it is the first trial. As a lot of things such as electronic music, sensible guitar riff, emotional piano line and diversified genres are contained in the game Invincible Mercenaries, the users can be attracted to the game itself.

We look forward to their next trial in which they will continue to overcome the limitation of game music.