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White Rain - C'est La Vie (feat. Landon Wordswell)

White Rain

C'est La Vie (feat. Landon Wordswell)

WR Production

Released: 3rd November 2014 | 1 track jazz rap/hip-hop single

White Rain born in Seoul Korea, Producer, Trackmaker, Sound engineer, Pianist. / Before the debut Begin. Love, Live, Life is described as, to be a big topic. White Rain completed this melodic piano piece, making use of the story. White Rain featuring songs by female singer, male singer, Rapper in english poetry and elegant jazzy hiphop, hiphop that could be considered signs, a new horizon in what was hoped that received many compliments, even now record sales brisk inside. after participating in numerous works, knowing that staying power, chill out, Downtempo, jazz hiphop artist's representative in japan, korea, europe, expectations and attention from many listeners. After his sophomore album Love, Live, Life a year and a half, White Rain has returned again with fresh new Jazzy HipHop album. White Rain has garnered recognition among Jazz HipHop fans when his album Love, Live, Life (which was released with an addition track in Korea) was chosen as the album of the week by Genie. He has recently released his New Age album Contemplateur and been preparing his third album Urbane Fragrance. Before releasing the new album, White Rain is dropping his single C'est La Vie.The track features Landon Wordswell from Cult Classic Records. You will feel the White Rain's signature vibe from his upcoming album Urbane Fragrance. The album will be out this winter.