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Vafee - Cool Tho


Cool Tho


Released: 24th November 2014 | 4 track house single

As we can know by the title of this EP, this EP is made by only one repetitive melody line which is similar to first EP [Repeat Var.]. Also, this EP has 4 Electronic house track.

1. Cool Tho (Original)

This track has a great harmony of Wobble Bass and Synthesizer. At the Verse of this track, Vocal sings a song.

Vocal slightly expresses one guy's feeling and emotion who is in the club. After the verse, highlight comes out.

2.Cool tho (Brr)

At the beginning of this track, it starts slightly. After the beginning part of the song, the Verse, which has exotic beat, comes out. At the end of the Verse, Bridge comes out and there comes the highlight of this track. During the highlight of this song, the sound of synthesizer plays Brr sound which can be made by human lips. Owing to this Brr sound, Vafee made this track's name Brr.

3.Cool tho (Viola)

As we can predict from the title, Viola plays most of this track. This track starts spaciously. Viola slowly comes out from the Verse part. At the beginning of highlight, viola, kick and bass simultaneously comes out. This part is the most impressive part of this track.

4. Feel (Skit)

This track describe overall impression of this EP.