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Electric Planet Five


Electric Planet Five Music

Released: 29th September 2014 | 1 track jazz instrumental pop single

Introducing Electronic Planet Five's new single, Yellow

Following After Winter, Electric Planet Five's new single Yellow is an instrumental piece of glittering yellow.

The electronic beat along with her seamless jazz performance promises to brings you positive energy. The addictive melody and sounds of tension promises to grasp your ears. The electric sounds in between the piano performance creates a sensual track. Following her previous single, Yellow adds a brighter color and a groovy rhythm that you'd hear in TV ads. Electric Planet Five's unique musical color and electric groove along the jazz piano creates a complete piece of work. The new album artwork stands out.

Electric Planet Five is a talented artist who works across various music genres as well as composing, performing, and producing. Let us experience Electric Planet Five's unique music with her new single, Yellow.