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Eunil-Kim - Bring the Reduced Sweater Back to Me


Bring the Reduced Sweater Back to Me

Supa Sounds

Released: 13th October 2014 | 1 track folk pop single

Eun Il Kim has come to comfort you when you feel some solitude and aloofness. This time, he shows us a song which is melancholy but warm. In this music, we can find his efforts of trying to contain the vibrating feeling in the acoustic sound. We can feel his efforts and passion in the sound. Through the song titled Bring the reduced sweater back to me, he starts to talk about his lover using a sweater. The sweater here talks about the life of his long lover or his own. It solves the complicated emotions, indifferent time, comfort and the fear to new love in the song. Lee Si Na, a new actress, participates in the music video to usher us to the scene which reminds us of the short movie with her good actions. In 2008, he debuted as a member of WishList band and got spotlight with the music of sensible and unique mood. In 2009, he debuted as a solo and then stopped the musical career. In 2013, he felt the thirst for music. En Il Kim came back again.