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Voah - Dream #1


Dream #1

Velocity Entertainment

Released: 13th October 2014 | 1 track easy pop single

Voah's Dream tells a story of a girl who runs into an old flame on the streets. His casual dimeanor brings back memories of the love lost and feelings she thought she had finally gotten over. Knowing that things can never go back to the way things were, the chance meeting only leaves her to dream of unrequited love once again.

Dream is set to 2 very different versions: Part I and Part II. Each version showcases its own unique color and sound while using the same song, chords, and lyrics. With the collaboration of the legendary and former 'Shin Sung Woo Band' drummer Gye Soo Park, 'Arosegin' bassist Dae In Park, fusion jazz group 'B on D' pianist Hyun Jin Hong, and American indie cellist Dami (Eureka Birds, Vinny Vegas), the acoustic version sets the mood fit for the storyline while the second version introduces a glance into V.oah's musical world with sounds hard to find in today's Korean music scene.