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Bae Saet Byeol

From My Heart

Bae Saet Byeol

Released: 17th November 2014 | 1 track vocal-pop single

Solo vocalist Bae saet byeol's second single and one of her most beloved repertoires in live concerts.

The song was written by Bae sae rom and premiered at Korean National Orchestra's Sarangbang Concert in 2012. The song was originally composed for vocal, guitar and Dae-piri(Korean flute) then arranged new instrumental formation with piano and trombone for this album.

The singer Bae saet byeol and the composer Bae sae rom are sisters. As the two talked and shared their feelings and emotions through out the entire songwriting process, they beautifully and successfully perfected this romantic ballad number. Piano and Trombone's delicate performance harmonizes finely with the singer's sentimental yet calm vocal sound.

Lyrically, the song talks about one trying to express her love that cannot be told with words. Bae saet byeols's subdued but expressive voice delivers the subtle feelings behind the words eloquently.

One-track recording represents the singer's confidence in her vocal both technically and lyrically and is also her deliberate intention to render the song in the most direct way.