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Beat Street


Released: 26th January 2015 | 1 track crunk single

South Korea has become public through out the world due to K-Pop. In case you don't know about K-Pop, they are an Idol groups or bands. Famous groups such as Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, Big Bang and infamous Psy. Even though such big names made crossover in many countries throughout the world, there are various other types of sounds. Therefore, I would like to introduce one of those sound from an independent band.

The Hypermetic is a Korean k-indie Rock band that was formed by the producer, Rocking J. Here in Korea we call independent band short for ( K-Indie ). There are many independent bands. Anything from Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, House ect. The Hypermetric music is based on Rock but, I also use or collaborate with other style of music such as Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, Electric ect.

The Hypermetric based on rock. Beat Street is third single. This single is mixed with Hip Hop/ Crunk. I was inspired by the street people such as rockers, hip hoppers, club and party goers.

This inspiration came to me in Hongde, South Korea. Utterly different from Gangnam. Gangnam may be popular for night clubs but, here in Hongdae, it is where art and culture meets together. Many independent bands start from this side of town for their debut.