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Vafee - Dubchestra




Released: 2nd February 2015 | 4 track house ep

This EP's main title track, 'Dubchestra', is house track which made by orchestra and dubstep style melody. This EP contains title track and also 3 arranged tracks which were released previously. 3 tracks are arranged to 'club-style mix'. At the beginning of 'Dubchestra', there is no doubt that this track is viola concerto. At the last part of verse, bass comes out and melody turns to house style melody. This part is very impressive part of the track. After the refrain, 8-bit piano and viola sound, which was played at beginning part of track, are played by synthesizer. It is still same melody but it gives totally different feelings. After the 2nd refrain, 'Progressive-House Style' of final refrain comes out and finalizes the track 'Dubchestra'.