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Tiefer Traum Sounds

Released: 6th April 2015 | 2 track tech-house ep

DJ Suman's new EP is released!

Dj Suman is a Dj who plays and produces music of deep house, tech house, techno, nu disco and underground house. Dj Suman were engaged to various music from a young age and revealed signs of intelligence in techno and house music. As a real artist, Dj manages to produce his own music, starting from composition to mixing and mastering. Despite the impression of the genre being heavy and unfamiliar in Korea, Dj maintains his color and expresses his own style of music. His music involves various instruments that go well together with house music, producing a rhythmical and addictive music that both the public and manias would enjoy listening to.

Suman was an active underground Dj and his name became known by his fist single track, Over Me (Original Mix) at 2014. This year, Dj released Ep! Get (Original Mix) and Synthesizer (Original Mix). These two tracks are made up of Suman's main genre, tech house and deep house. Get (Original Mix) consists of acid baseline and minimal melody that creates tension with the excitement of techno music. The second track Synthesizer (Original Mix) features grandeur base and catchy synth rhythm that well expresses Suman's style of music. With his name recently appearing, people must look out for Dj Suman who will keep on impressing the mass with creative and sensational music.