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Crazymilk - Crazymilk : Merry Honeymoon (feat. Min Kyung)


Crazymilk : Merry Honeymoon (feat. Min Kyung)

Crazymilk & Windream

Released: 15th June 2015 | 1 track electropop single

Honeymoon that people leave for a new start, being excite! It will be the most memorable thing everyone can't forget. Depending on the purpose of honeymoon, their destination is different. Couples who want to see a lot of things through backpacking ask about European countries such as Paris, London, etc. Couples who enjoy their relaxing rest ask about Maldives. Couples who want to enjoy tourism and rest at the same time ask about Guam. It's so happy to think of honeymoon's destination. Crazymilk created music based on her honeymoon experience Singer-song writer Saetbyeol Kim who wrote Crazymilk's cooksong and ehyo take it and she did Crazymilk's honeymoon interview to write the song lyrics. Its guest vocal was Minkyung Lee who showed a lot of cute and sweet voice in advertising. Its music video was made by collecting the pictures of newlywed couples taken in real honeymoon destinations especially.