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Eunil-Kim - The Girl in a Fishbowl


The Girl in a Fishbowl

Supa Sounds

Released: 22nd June 2015 | 1 track acoustic blues single

The singer-songwriter Eun-il Kim just released his brand new single; The fish in a fishbowl. Eun-il Kim is known for his calm and mellow tunes on his last releases 25-31, Sheep, Sleep, Until Here.. But with his last song he turns in a different direction and shows us a new side to his musical palette. He grabbed acoustic guitar and bass, and called bluesy brass band for backing him up. Basically this song is about competition in love. Unfortunately she has many suitors and our singer is just one of many. His love interest has enough choice. What else can a musician do but write self-mocking song for his fellas out there. It's total different flavor than his previous work. His new approach is definitely refreshing and lively. Do you think we can save this pitiful fish from a bowl? Answer is yes. Come and join the party he threw.