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Rhythm & Bread - Feel so Alright Babe

Rhythm & Bread

Feel so Alright Babe

Rhythm&Bread Co.

Released: 11th May 2015 | 2 track neo-soul single

Love letters from Cherry Blossoms colored music project team Rhythm&Bread rushes you say Today I Feel So Alright Babe

The second Vocal single album produced by Rhythm&Bread also presents you much sweeter and softer way of songs along with their first album You are released earlier.

Taste good ingredient instrumental performance and programming of this lovely hot music number will brings you to the world of adorable scene in real time when you listen their song. It's awesome and incredible.

Urban soul melody and rhythm completes each lovers love and feelings when they're making love and sing along the hooked rhyme such as Feel so Alright Babe again and again.

However you find yourself would not resist this number through various sound equipments everywhere you're taking.

Neo Soul team Rhythm&Bread proudly releases this song for you all who would love soft and medium tempo R&B numbers and share this fantastic song to all your closed friends and family as well.

Shall you join with us?.