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Loudly Decibel

Paint It H.E.R

Loud Record

Released: 8th June 2015 | 4 track modern folk ep

Loudly Decibel that exclusive pups of indi scene released the first EP album [PAINT IT HER]. loudly decibel is modern rock band. ;loudlydecibel came out as a band in maskerband in superstar k5 . loudly decibel is play acoustic shows, modern rock, pop, hiphop , emo rock music in a variety of colors. The album[paint it her] is focused on feeling of romantic relationship experiences in theie 20s, 20s have experience that can be ramantically involved, the relationship of love was expressed regarding the formation and breakup when you feel the eyes of the author in accordance with the separation . They are independent music. And all track made by loudly daecibel is melodycal ,sensitive and interesting. They are made of 4 member. Leader is oddity that he is good rapper. And byun jea min is vocal and guitar. And nuguri is good drumer. and wu hyun is very good basist. people expect to First ep album of loudly decibel. they will expect to lead rock band of korea.