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Vafee - Addiction




Released: 29th June 2015 | 2 track house single

Vafee's new single [Addiction] is released. This single, 'Addiction' includes vocal sound mostly. Also, this track has the most popular appeal throughout the Vafee's track. This single includes two kinds of version, 'Original Track' and 'Radio Edit'. Addiction is 'Electronic House' style track which has little bit of Deep House feeling. If this track's tempo was slow, this track would be totally same as 'Deep House' style track. This track's verse is mainly covered with splendid sound of bass. Also, vocal sound is mixed one octave lower than the bass sound of this track. After the verse, synthesizer plays same melody of intro part of this track. After that, 'Drum Feel in' comes out and chorus part of this track plays. At the chorus part of this track, it looks like simple 'Electronic House' style tracks, but 'Vocal a cappella' and synthesizer melody make this chorus extraordinary. Radio Edit version has different intro part comparing to 'Original Mix' track. At the intro part of this track, chorus comes out. By using this part, chorus depicts opening and closing sound of club house door.