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Rhythm & Bread - Tonight Is Your Night

Rhythm & Bread

Tonight Is Your Night

Rhythm&Bread Co.

Released: 28th August 2015 | 2 track acid house single

Only one sentence repeated in the song but marvelously being addictive brand new electronic number is about to release by Rhythm&Bread in your hand.

With R&B and romantic adult contemporary arrangement, this chemically branded new type of music 'Tonight is your night' brings you unprecedented stage of art of electronic sound and vocoder effected voices mixed under state-of-the-art technology.

Rhythm&Bread fans will instantly get the moment of familiar flows even this music speaks much of synthesized sound. Because this song conveys you still the soul of pop and R&B root under the shell of electronic neo soul.

More things that we can compliment this song is to let us be in the mood of dancing in the club or outdoor stage DJ mix and be looping it until the night is over because we should dance till the dawn.

Are you dared to be facing the music what Rhythm & Bread presents you? We would welcome you absolutely.