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David Park

The New Way

David Park Music

Released: 28th August 2015 | 2 track singer-songwriter single

David Park is a musician, singer and songwriter from Seoul, South Korea.

He plays a variety of styles like Blues-rock/soul rock, R&B, funk and jazz.

The New Way is his first album release and it was borne out of his aspirations and trials to realize this dream.

This album is dedicated to everybody out there who is dreaming and waiting for their day to at long last arrive.

His journey into music began with private piano lessons at the age of seven for six years.

In middle and high school, he explored acoustic, electric and bass guitars. He listened to many guitarists back then but was especially inspired by Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He also loved to hear the R&B vocals and beats of Boyz II Men and Stevie Wonder or the upbeat Gospel musicians like Israel Houghton and Steven Curtis Chapman.

David is proud of his traditional Korean music heritage because it has a sense of one heart, one voice, one community - a oneness of family. He hopes to build a bridge of unity through music and its message. His great vision is to inspire the younger generation through both Christian and secular music creative endeavors to raise them up strong and wise - so much music of the past in all the world has focused on the broken heart but the mission of David Park is healing those broken hearts with music.