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Blue Eyelids - Vikini Party

Blue Eyelids

Vikini Party

In Our Hearts

Released: 31st July 2015 | 1 track adult alternative single

Blue Eyelids is a South Korean indie rock band based in Seoul. The band consists of Cherot(vocal), Sang-wook(-

rhythm guitar), Jae-son(melody guitar), Dong-hyun(drum) and Chae-jung(bass). They are based on a Rock sound and dreamlike sound.

In particular, the band to pursuing a music that can express a modern sensibility with a distinct real sound.

This is the Blue Eyelids first debut single album . 2015, The Year of the blue right amount introduced have any ambitions to showcase the music of their own first single .

To express cool feeling like swimming at the pool, they have added fullness of the sound with the chorus on the exciting bit as emotionally vocal timbre of only by Cherot.