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Yoo Ha-Na

That I Want to Say to You

Yoo Ha-Na

Released: 31st July 2015 | 7 track film soundtracks ep

Yoo Ha-na is a young composer who studied in Japan, has been active in the game music and film music. Her musicality is remarkable in orchestra music and fusion music. Especially the game music 'Justice League' that she wrote got a good response in the United States. They show her skilled craftsmanship of musical arrangement. In addition, she released two compilation albums 'Lemonade 6' and 'Lemonade 7' in Japan and has gained a good reputation. In these albums, she composed crossover that a type of fusion music mixed with various genres of music and traditional musical instruments. As can be seen in her music that is not defined in one style, she always says I want to try new things and challenge myself.

'That I want to say to you' is the same name of the original movie soundtrack. The film focuses on the power of forgiveness and how it heals wounded hearts. In these songs you can feel her warm emotions and heal wounded hearts too.