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Sing with Me (feat. Juet & Lee Sub)

Swim & Shine

Released: 4th September 2015 | 2 track pop single

Kish has been singing in various music groups ever since 2003, making her own A Cappella groups in high school, college, and with colleagues. She was also involved in Black gospel choir, project band, orchestra, held a fundraising concert, and led many music related activities that helped her to find passion in music.

She writes her own music, sings, and learns producing from a Jazz Hiphop producer in Korea. She plans to release more songs she has been writing while traveling, working, and daydreaming.

The title song, Sing with me, is a song that suggests a summer festive feeling, whose highlight is the combination of a groovy rhythm and and an addictive melody. It is a piece that contains the longing of the artist herself, for singing together and doing what she wants. Kish implies that it is never too late to do what we desire, singing and dancing together, encouraging us to set our youth on fire.

That those who are weary from life listen to this song and gain the courage to do what they truly want, that they find again the dream they let go of into vague memories under the weight of reality, that they find themselves and begin what they truly enjoy, that they propose to those they truly love, that this song becomes a source of relief of fatigue. These are what Kish hopes. She hopes that people who were yawning, looking for something elating, listen to this piece and dance and sing together. Kish hopes that they thus feel the joy and ecstasy they would in the scene of a festival when they listen to this song.

Participating members include: Juet(Emotional Machine), who has formerly been part of a cover of BIGBANG's LOSER with his mellow but charismatic voice, featured in rap and chorus; Lee Sub of Scatengers, a street musician who is the mentor of Kish herself, on the guitar; Byun Sooyeon, who takes part in fascinating North Korea-related activities and education with soulful passion for music, on the piano; Kwon Jinwon, who is a close friend of Juet and a member of Atomic Juice, on the drums; and Kish's producing mentor in mixing and mastering.