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Sun Kim - Kreutzer: 42 études ou caprices

Sun Kim

Kreutzer: 42 études ou caprices


Released: 11th September 2015 | 42 track solo instrumentalist album

Second solo album by violinist Sun Kim. The book of Kreutzer etudes is probably one of the most practised and favoured violin etudes ever. The composer himself was the very person who was dedicated the famous sonata for the piano and the violin by L. V Beethoven. Rudolphe Kreutzer is best known as a supremely skilled pedagogue – especially his right hand techniques and outstanding cleanliness of his intonation – with other two representative French didactic violinists: Pierre Baillot and Pierre Rode in 19th century. Although most of violin pieces by Kreutzer such as his nineteen violin concertos and this famous etudes define his exceptional bravura that is even eloquently persuasive to nowadays classical music successors, his musicality reaches further to vocal music – operas. Kreutzer was not only a leader of Paris Opera, but also a conductor from 1817 and that can explain us why some etudes seem evidently affected by this (see no. 23 and 28). In this album, listeners can hear a range of bowing techniques such as slurred staccato, martellato and carefully measured detaché especially from no. 2 to 14. From no. 15 to 22, noticeably Kreutzer put various also complicated trill practice into his book which clearly differs his works from other composers.