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Electric Planet Five


Electric Planet Five Music

Released: 2nd October 2015 | 1 track electropop single

Electric Planet Five presents a new digital single, Friends

Further advancing her previous releases that opened up a whole new musical venue for showcasing a unique blend of European-flavored electronica

and lyrical acoustic piano performance, EP5 now delivers a buoyant piece of music portraying colorful impressions and inspirations from people, or

friends, around her. With its hauntingly beautiful harmonic progression and melody, Friends will surely add to your must-listen tracklist for

this summer, filling us up with absolute chills until the release of EP5's forthcoming full-length original album!

EP5 is a talented pianist, composer and producer who's been in continuing pursuit of her own unique style across many different genres of music.

EP5 has also shown a great deal of passion for incorporating visual arts into her musical compositions and other lines of work including album

cover designs. So don't forget to check out Friends M/V where EP5 and video artist OKIE collaborated on piecing melodies and images together

into a masterful work of art!