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Melodyline & Hummingway - Oh My Lady

Melodyline & Hummingway

Oh My Lady


Released: 11th September 2015 | 2 track contemporary r&b single

Melodyline is a project group of the music label Melodylines. The project started in March 2015 will be conducted several vocal songs hiding in a form fitting fit your color. Amiee started at the beginning melodyline project in the form dealing with the bossa pop rhythms, chaeyun is a piano and authentic vocal style of The Deen, jungmi is a pop singer of the pop rock music of Mr.Road, and this time the voice of jaepill created. Jaepill are creating the first debut of his own voice, but this voice tone that is not refined in the wake of this new style.

Original song is unreleased songs of the Hummingway been active since 2012. The song is authentic vocal style pop Good for rhythm, the title of the first track was reconfigured to suit the voice of jaepill well as the original song RnB ballad style. Hummingway debuted in 2012 is already being evaluated by a meeting of great music and sound Kim eunho famous as a composer and professional vocalist Geunpyo. The main producer of the melodyline project is Kim eunho that such activities, which is why this project is expected to continue steady. Still, many do not find a vocalist are hiding the color of your own.