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Ban D - The Cords of Love

Ban D

The Cords of Love


Released: 11th September 2015 | 2 track post-rock single

Ban D is the other name of the singer-songwriter Dcay, sometimes the unreleased songs Dcay arrangements sometimes with classical or modern, is pursuing a variety of projects through working with different vocal styles. The project was popular music performances began in 2012 when they became studio album did not contain created. Singer-songwriter Dcay 2008, Wash my heart wish me free after his debut album in 2011, Time out aoustic edition, 2015 years Trapped by singer-songwriter activities, as well as with Rice refill also Mr.Road famous, now famous as a variety of sound operations and composer. Ban D, except that builds on the activities of music before 2008 was a concert by several bands, which is why there is this project. The cord of love is an original song by zizen of BadCupid who worked as a voice of long ago, the title of the first track will replace the original song is a bit more rock elements, the second song is the original song. Which before 2008 from Dcay collaboration with the price of sound called fun it is added in zizen. Rather, the original song title song is the first track, unlike modern reinterpretation has created a different sound was a general preoccupation contained in love with a more rock feel. In the future this project will go beyond the level of arrangement of the old sound of Dcay, Dcay sound and a new sound will be going in a different direction.