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MachineIItheMoon - A4




Released: 18th September 2015 | 2 track pop single

MachineIItheMoon (MIIM) is a pop-rock band formed in 2014 from South Korea. They are continuing to work on musical projects that inspire and touch people's spirits worldwide. The lyrics have been written by native writers, and all music composition is based on the band producer's, bK, musical root. He has been studying various types of music such as rock, pop and classical.

Through the convergence and reconstitution of the specific characteristics from each music genre, bK found new chances hidden in all of these musical areas as sources for his creativity. Now, MachineIItheMoon is flying in the area of pop-zone that is called A series. A is from Acoustic & Funky. bK wants to convey music about our daily lives, emotions, and so on.

Here is the forth digital-single in which they put more emotional spaces and unique colors than the previous numbers.

The first title Heaven Sent is started by the intro describing a mysterious woman from heaven. The woman is a kind of perfect and ideal for the man, so he is longing and praising her. The second title is Only yours and is describing the feeling of man's broken mind with piano and voice.

The Band producer bK is looking forward to encountering people all around the world through this digital-single. Also he wants to let them listen to the band's music and share the same emotional experiences.

MachineIItheMoon wants to invite you- We're going to the Moon. Hop in!!