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Rooftop Melody, Vol. 1


Released: 13th November 2015 | 6 track beats & breaks album

K.Bello is a Korean musician, who used to be a student and an engineer enjoying dance and music. He ended up to be a professional musician as he continuously comes across with various types of musics while DJing for dance battles K.Bello started to write electric dance musics for street dancers with a support from his advisor, NOKI, a singer-songwriter.

Since the street dance musics are not so popular to the public yet, K.Bello has focused to make distinctive beats and melodies that everyone could enjoy. His first album, Rooftop Melody vol.1, is composed of 6 musics: ComMotion with various arpeggios, exciting dance musics including Rooftop party and Overset, Hit the beat with strong sound for the poppin dance, High Wind with the harmony of many percussions, and the main song, Expansion, with slow tempo and most completeness.

After this debut album released in October 2015, it is worth to pay attention to K.Bello who is going to let the public listen to various genres of musics.