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Kim Yeo-Reum

If You Go There

Kim Yeo-Reum

Released: 20th November 2015 | 1 track vocal single

The first single [If you go there] of singer-songwriter 'Kim Yeo-Reum'

When she was 19 years old, she wrote the song for the first time, but so far she was just vocalist who told other people's emotion and feeling. However, she kept trying to challenge other genre of the song and practiced with singing a lot. Also, she never stop thinking or writing her own songs. And now, she started to sing the song with her voice not other's story but her OWN story. The first story that you hear, the song [If you go there]

The song 'If you go there' is the song based on ordinary college student's life that is burdened a lot of assignments and exams. The lyrics is all about her experiences and it has contained something that she wanted to eat as she kept doing the assignments.

The song that makes exhausted people's heart to refresh and warm-hearted [If you go there]

We expect the first step of her singer-songwriter life.