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Camel.Desert.Star - Camel Constellation


Camel Constellation

Le French Code

Released: 11th December 2015 | 1 track fusion single

Camel.Desert.Stars.(a.k.a. CaDeS) is a Pop-Jazz band playing by Sebin Shin(Jazz Pianist) and Yeyoung Park(Jazz Drummer). This single album is their third one and this south Korean modern jazz group play with bassist Sunghwan Lee & guitarist Juyoung Cheong featuring two songs, Turn about & Camel Constellation. The single Camel constellation is about stars. The leader of this group Sebin Shin made these songs in singing for the first time. For their first Single, Jeong Choi(Brazilian Jazz Vocal) and Hayang Kim(Pop Keyboardist) joined. They all studied in Netherlands and met there. Musical base is on Jazz but unconventionality of genre-over is an objective that they all share.