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Mr.Road - Nikita




Released: 5th February 2016 | 3 track post-modern pop ep

Mr.Road is a team made with the famous Dcay as a singer-songwriter and guitarist Philo.

November 2011 Frida Kahlo mini-album in the beginning 2012 Deja vu, 2014 You are, etc., Mr.Road doing every year steady work mainly with the band's music as the primary holding cross-modern and authentic there.

2008 Philo as a session guitarist by the chance of Dcay of the song was involved in various recording scene is now up to Mr.Road is continued.

Mr.Road music seemed appropriate mix ratios between meetings of Dcay and guitarist with the composition and producing expertise and artistry even though the popularity seems to keep well the appropriate line between the public and the art.

The lyrics are particularly cinematic sensibility and balance One guess is not much melody that is becoming the more mature album repeatedly.

The album Nikita also adds to the fun when viewed in that respect.

Title song Nikita and revive the great advantage of having the best Mr.Road, the second song Memento is one more melody seemed enhance the rhythm. The third song Become a mentor seemed to have planted even more enhanced by the vocal rhythm, this Nikita feature of the mini-album is generally the same order in accordance with the emphasis on rhythm.

Mr.Road music seems solid colors. The proper blend of traditional style and new style, the era of popularity and artistic merit of the appropriate line, the sound of distress, such as a music Mr.Road.