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The Nucleus - Friend

The Nucleus


JCM Music

Released: 5th February 2016 | 1 track pop standards single

The Nucleus, who delicately and chic expressed the emotions of everyday life in 'With you' and 'Baby Love,' is releasing a new song 'Friend' following the September release 'The shoulder,' with the same sensibility that deeply understands people.

Songwriter Bae seonmi of 'Here I am' and 'Closer' wrote the melody and lyrics, and Kim Junghyun and Choi jaeman arranged together The Nucleus' 'Friend'.

The song features attractively the characteristic country genre's cool guitar sound with the light and cheerful rhythm, leaving free and yet strong impression through three vocals' personalities.

As seen in the lyrics such as 'not afraid even if the world turns its back on me', 'I'm not sad even at my lowest', 'the fact that your hand on my shoulder is holding me,' the trust and love understood without words in a relationship called friendship, is articulated through unrefined expressions unique of Bae seonmi.