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Gong-Sol - Flower




Released: 22nd January 2016 | 3 track pop ep

A singer-songwriter duo 'Gongsol' means 'empty out the sounds'. Some rays of hope in the dark are deep-rooted in their songs. The three songs 'Flower', 'Stars' and 'Mist' in this E.P represent the natural and plain tones what they're aiming for.

1. Flower: This song expresses people's loneliness referring to a process of flowering process; put down roots, come into blossom and fall off. A bassist Jang-min, Jung contributes to raising perfection of this track.

2. Stars: All stars burning at very high temperatures and generating their own light. The stars brighten up our minds on the spot. Every morning when the sun rises, stars disappear without a trace. However, in truth stars are still twinkling out of sight and beautifully entering the last moment when stars reach the end of their lives.

3. Mist: They start to slog their way through a faint mist. Their first step is uncertain due to heavy fog, but they will take one step at a time until they reach their dream.

All things visible are momentary but invisible are eternal; The latent charms of Gongsol will also be. More is expected from their next step. The full-length album will be released next spring.