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Crazymilk - My Little Puppy and the Winter Tree


My Little Puppy and the Winter Tree

Crazymilk & Windream

Released: 22nd January 2016 | 2 track new age acoustic single

Have you ever seen a puppy that vigorously running on the white snow in winter? Watching a puppy that jumps on the snow makes people who watch smile. 'My little puppy and the winter tree' which is the 9th single album of Crazy Milk is a music that composed while she was thinking about her pet dog Cookie that meets the first winter. When you listen to this music, close your eyes and imagine If you listen to this music imagining a small puppy vigorously running around the white now filed and a solid tree that keeps its side quietly, you can share the emotion of the composer. This music is expressed by using the acoustic guitar and the piano. They are chosen to add the warmness to the melody that expresses the overall winter. Crazy Milk will give a warm winter to those who listen to this music. Feel the warm winter than never been before that she and her pet dog Cookie spend time together.