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Yurim - Touch by Touch


Touch by Touch


Released: 11th March 2016 | 2 track easy pop single

Yurim is a Korean female Singer-songwriter and made her debut album in 2013 as a member of KeySwitch. In this duo, she played as a main vocal with keyboard and also mainly wrote songs in their albums. She grew up listening with R&B and British Rock music, so later she majored song writing in college. But she puts no limitation on genre; she was a keyboardist in a jazz band. Moreover she tries to produce EDM these days. This album was especially challenging for her because it was produced all by herself. Compared to previous works in KeySwitch mainly talking about everyday life with funny and entertaining lyrics, this 4th solo album expressed a bit more sweet and adorale from the bottom of the heart. The album title Touch by Touch means state of Popping in heart. The title song is lovely and sweet as a romantic love song. Acoustic instrumental sounds will help listeners to feel the relax. After this single, she will release a mini album as a solo female artist. Expecting her positive and warm-hearted energy in her music with analog sounds.