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Super Fine

The Night Before Proposal (feat. Zan Dark)

H Sound

Released: 5th February 2016 | 1 track contemporary r&b single

Super Fine is r&b singer in Korea. The first digital single of Super Fine The Night Before proposal. This album containes all his effort of his 10years since he work with other artists as a producer, trainer, director ,writer and arranger. Now he is beginning speak out his story.

His first single The Night Before proposal says the feeling of the unsleepable night before marriage proposal. The lyrics of the song is really impressive as it demonstrates that the writer of the song really put his heart into writing the lyrics, and the sweet melody circles around the ear making the song very addictive. This album comes out more romantic as, Zan Dark, the member of hip-hop group BLACK TREE is joined for featuring. The next step of Super Fine ,a singer dreaming of second Marvin Gaye, is worth to notice.