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Dcay - Wash My Heart, Wish Me Free


Wash My Heart, Wish Me Free


Released: 5th February 2016 | 13 track post-modern pop album

Dcay is a singer-songwriter of the adult modern rock style to digest all of the pop music with a basic structure, such as a vocal, guitar, bass, a drum.

In fact Dcay had a long musical life is quite long because we did not work the rock mainstream music market in South Korea in experimental sound, this album has a little bunch of view that this debut album.

The general difference between this album and the singer-songwriter album, songwriter, composer, and arranger in addition to a single recording, mixing, mastering, everyone had to be produced alone.

The first track Black Point The giving by considering a fresh hip-hop elements to the band's music which adds to the fun and participate in the JSKing featuring rap. It seemed to bring some freshness to such a trend rather than a typical Dcay sound.

The impressive chorus One blind eye signs of distress as the lyrics are somewhat philosophical content is well represented.

Title song Feels like this is in fact the most popular songs. A song that individuals who express musically and how happy it is to live the life you want to live there, overall the sound is handled neatly written seemed to care about popularity in mixing.

Anywhere of mainstream rock sound that you hear from, And I'll be brilliant melody lines in this spectrum shows are a good variety of music styles Dcay.

breaking the ritual thing may contain the answer contents of the first song Black point. This is impressive sound and style Black point and point the way to have unity.

Dcay seems that the sound of the experiment all the different styles of music that the band music, Dcay is this debut album continues to make the sound of your own or go the future expectations considerably.